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Artist Rebecca Mason also known as Becky does original watercolor painting art. Her watercolor paintings inspired by nature are for sale in her art gallery. You are welcome to buy Mason's watercolor paintings online.
Rebecca Mason - Artist statement

“The Stillness of Perception” 

Rebecca once again gives form to a yearning for the tranquility of the natural environment. In a world of frantic life styles and increasing urbanization, Rebecca takes the time to seek out the tranquil, remote places that can be reached by canoe. She uses the simple materials of watercolour on rice paper to record both the conscious and unconscious results of spending time in these peaceful places; the increased awareness of the subtleties of colour and form as water moves over rock, an appreciation for the timelessness of the experience of being in the wilderness, a realization of the preciousness and the fragility of the natural world. Through her painting, she reminds us that such peacefulness exists and that it is obtainable if we take the time to find it.

Galerie McKenzie Marcotte, 2007

"As an artist and environmentalist I seek answers underneath the deceptively ordered surface of our natural world. The answers I find are the answers that I see flowing out in various ways some tactile and others as thought processes. Repetitive patterns, shapes and compositions are what interests me. Following the creases that I set, the water and colour merge into the deep layers of the paper surface. Colour, texture, movement, moods and the whys and ways of how the pigments acts and reacts guide me,
Rebecca Mason 2008.