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Becky Mason's introductory and Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing videos are innovative instructional paddling canoe videos with well known Canada canoeist and paddling instructor, Becky Mason. These canoeing videos have lovely Canadian nature scenes set in wilderness lakes. The novice video is located in the Gatineau Hills in Gatineau Park Quebec near and on Meech Lake. The Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing is located at Lac Vert Quebec. Becky Mason's finely crafted paddling videos are a excellent way to introduce yourself to recreational canoeing. Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing will  hone your paddling skills to higher levels of solo paddling technique. Becky Mason and Reid McLachlan canoe instructors produced this professional instructional paddling production which includes a beautiful video called Solo Reflections. It has underwater video that's amazing to watch and you'll enjoy listening to Ian Tamblyn's original musicscore for the music video and advanced and introductory paddling dvds.
Becky Mason Instructional Video

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One DVD For All Levels: Beginner, Novice, Expert Paddlers & Armchair Enthusiasts.  Buy Now
Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing Becky Mason with 25 years of instructor experience takes you for a wild spin in her cedar-canvas canoe on  the crystal clear waters of Lac Vert, Quebec. The 16 expert strokes and manoeuvres she shows are fun to watch and learn from because she shares unique tips and stories about them too. You'll be spellbound with the stunning underwater camera angles!

Bonus features included on disc.
- Solo Reflections - Becky teams up with recording artist Ian Tamblyn  in musical  video.
- Classic Solo Moments -  Mason's  goofs are there and the fish pretty much steal the show.
- Classic Solo Canoeing -supplies you with the excellent basics of solo paddling.

"Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing is truly extraordinary! ... You might have called it 'All you ever wanted to know about Canadian Style Canoeing but didn't know enough to ask.' You answered all my questions, even the ones I hadn't figured out to ask." Andy Hutyera. Read Reviews.....

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