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Canoe ballet and solo canoeing are one of Becky Mason's favourite paddling subjects. Wooden Canoe Heritage Association and the Canoe Museum is a favourite too . Becky is a filmmaker and the instructional paddling dvd is highlighted on Becky Mason site. There are many people who write about canoeing Kevin Callan and others. Becky Mason is a superb canoe instructor and has made two films on paddling instruction. Becky Mason has a love of the wooden canoe. Her canvas wooden canoe is featured in her Classic solo Canoeing instructional videos. The dvds are lovely to watch and learn from because it teaches you how to enjoy the Canadian wilderness. You see the Canadian canoe in action spinning effortlessly on quiet water lakes which in Canada is called flatwater. Throughout Becky Mason's website she has tips and facts about canoes and paddles. Becky specializes in her Classic Solo Canoeing courses it's excellent instruction for paddling the Canadian canoe. To paddle a canoe well you'll want to take a paddling lesson or you may want to pick up a copy of Becky Mason's instructional canoe video. The on-line gift store offers canoeing dvds. Take the time to view Becky Mason on-line video trailer you will like it the superb instruction and underwater photography!
Becky Mason - Instructional Paddling DVDs
Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing by Becky Mason, with 25 years of instructor experience she takes you for a wild spin in her cedar-canvas canoe on the crystal clear waters of Lac Vert, Quebec. The 16 strokes and manoeuvres she shows are fun to watch and learn from because she shares unique tips and stories about them too. You'll be spellbound with the stunning underwater camera angles! Running time: approx 40 minutes.
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Dvd disc includes original introductory Classic Solo Canoeing movie too.
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Classic Solo Canoeing the original introductory video by Becky Mason is a superbly crafted video that is both informative and beautiful to watch. Becky's extraordinary skills coupled with some spectacular scenery and Ian Tamblyn's original sound track make this a unique and charming production. You'll learn to apply the classic basic solo paddling strokes simply and gracefully, master the art of the portage, and pick up tips on canoe safety, maintenance, and equipment selection. Running time: approx 40 minutes. Purchase my downloadable video in my giftstore.
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Path of the Paddle by Bill Mason, a four part series; solo basic, solo whitewater, doubles basic and doubles whitewater continue to introduce new and seasoned canoeists to paddling skills. These skills form the backbone of modern paddling and canoe tripping techniques. These instructional films also have beautiful Canadian wilderness and Bill shares thoughts and tips about them. These 4 films are still considered an essential part of any canoeist's collection. Running time: Four films of approx 28 minutes each. Purchase film in my dvd giftstore.

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Waterwalker by Bill Mason takes us on a canoe odyssey to one of his favourite places, the north shore of Lake Superior and many of the rivers that run to it. His love and concern for the land is reflected in his cinematography, as well as his on site sketching and painting. Bill considered this his masterpiece as the subject matter was so important to him. The result is a personal story set to paddling and portaging through spectacular images on land, water and seeing animals that most of us would be considered lucky to ever experience first hand. Coupled with Bruce Coburn composed music it's a wonderful production to enjoy.
Running time: 87 minutes.
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