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Canoe ballet and solo canoeing are one of Becky Mason's favourite paddling subjects. Wooden Canoe Heritage Association and the Canoe Museum is a favourite too . Becky is a filmmaker and the instructional paddling dvd is highlighted on Becky Mason site. There are many people who write about canoeing Kevin Callan and others. Becky Mason is a superb canoe instructor and has made two films on paddling instruction. Becky Mason has a love of the wooden canoe. Her canvas wooden canoe is featured in her Classic solo Canoeing instructional videos. The dvds are lovely to watch and learn from because it teaches you how to enjoy the Canadian wilderness. You see the Canadian canoe in action spinning effortlessly on quiet water lakes which in Canada is called flatwater. Throughout Becky Mason's website she has tips and facts about canoes and paddles. Becky specializes in her Classic Solo Canoeing courses it's excellent instruction for paddling the Canadian canoe. To paddle a canoe well you'll want to take a paddling lesson or you may want to pick up a copy of Becky Mason's instructional canoe video. The on-line gift store offers canoeing dvds. Take the time to view Becky Mason on-line video trailer you will like it the superb instruction and underwater photography!
Becky Mason - Workshops & Presentations

Image © Reid McLachlan
Classic Canoeing travelling workshops offer hands-on canoeing instruction with my husband Reid and myself teaching flat and moving water either in solo or tandem in our relaxed and friendly style. These workshops can be structured to fit most group needs and skill levels. More about Classic Canoeing program read on.....

    Sample workshops that can come to you:
  • Classic BASIC SOLO skills that will enable you to put your canoe exactly where you want it to go. Skills covered: forward and back paddling, pivots, sideslips and controlled stopping. (Offered in advanced level too)
  • Essential Classic TANDEM SKILLS of efficient tandem canoeing using MITH and communication. Learn strokes, paddle both bow and stern with on-water and dry-land team building activities. (offered in advanced level too)
  • The finer points of efficient classic TANDEM WHITEWATER canoeing skills and manoeuvres with MITH. Ferries, eddy turns, airplane turns and surfing improvement in no time!

    Canoe clubs and paddling symposia groups in North America, Europe and the UK have and continue to hire me to promote paddling and share my love for canoeing and the rewards it can bring you. More about what Becky can present read on....

    Coming in March - April 2016: Europe & Uk Tour! read on....

    I invite you to book me to present a slide shows, canoeing demonstrations and/or conduct canoeing workshops. I will need to know your time-frame, location and approx budget of your event. Preparation time and travel expenses will be taken into consideration before I send you a quote. Keep in mind my husband Reid usually instructs with me, so his expenses need to be paid too.

    Both Reid and I are
    Paddle Canada Lake Canoe, Moving Water, Style accredited instructors.
    Contact Becky