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Bill Mason's award winning educational books are best sellers. Path of the Paddle and Song of the Paddle and gems to read if you can find a copy of them Bill Mason (1929-1988) award winning educational books are best sellers. Bill was a fine artist too and loved to paint his wilderness surroundings.
Bill Mason (1929 - 1988) Books

Path Of The Paddle book coverSong Of The Paddle book cover There are numerous books on the market about the many aspects of the art of canoeing and all that it entails. But none are so unique as Path of the Paddle for understanding Canadian style canoeing, and Song of the Paddle for offering thoughts and experiences on how to travel through the wilderness by canoe. The last book Bill wrote, entitled Canoescapes, is a compilation of text and paintings.

Canoescapes book cover
"Canoescapes is an ambitious, vivid, visual poem of Bill's feelings - an intriguing companion volume to his canoeing and camping books." Christopher Chapman, 1995.

Fire in ihe Bones book cover
Fire in the Bones
is a superbly researched and written biography of Bill Mason, by the author James Raffan.

Bill Mason
Bill Mason: Wilderness Artist From Heart to Hand
, by Ken Buck, is the story of one of Canada's foremost canoeing artists. The camera lens and the pallet knife were his instruments. The wild places were his inspiration. This gorgeous hardcover book is a must have and will be a wonderful addition to your Bill Mason book collection.