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Bill Mason's award winning educational documentaries are best sellers. Mason made short and feature length movies. Bill Mason (1929-1988)
Bill Mason (1929 - 1988) Filmmaker
Bill Mason

"The medium of film is for me a means of expressing my love and enjoyment of the natural world, and of sharing my concern for what's happening to it with anybody who looks and listens.

I am not particularly in love with the medium itself. It is a cumbersome, complicated, technologically-oriented art. But as a means of sharing something, there is no other medium to equal it." - Bill Mason, 1979

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"The creator of some of Canada's most popular short films, and one internationally successful feature, became a filmmaker almost by accident.

The turn in his career from commercial artist to live-action filmmaker started in 1958 when he was an actor-canoeist in Christopher Chapman's film Quetico. Mason was so impressed by Chapman's camera artistry that he welcomed the chance to direct, film and edit a twenty minute promotional film, Wilderness Treasure, for the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship the following year. It was during the making of that film that he realized that, as he puts it, 'live-action filmmaking would best allow me to share my thoughts about the land, its creatures and the Creator.'" - Tom Shoebridge, 1979

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