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James Raffan's wrote a fine biography on Bill Mason called Fire in the Bones. It's an interesting read on Bill Mason (1929-1988)an award winning creative filmmaker and artist
Bill Mason (1929 - 1988) Fire in the Bones book
Fire in the Bones, Bill Mason and the Canadian Canoeing Tradition, by James Raffan Publisher Harper Collins, a Phyllis Bruce Book

"The challenge of biography is that the writer must step into the other person's Prospector. Jim Raffan did this in more ways than one. He travelled to Bill Mason's haunts, and interviewed his cronies and family. He travelled to Denison Falls in one of Mason's cedar-and-canvas canoes. And he carved a likeness of Paddle to the Sea - and found how difficult it was to 'think with my hands', as Bill frequently did."

"That approach, their friendship and Raffan's diligence allowed him inside the nooks and crannies of Mason's story, to which someone else simply would not have access." - Hugh Benevides, 1997

This review, written by Hugh Benevides, is reprinted in part from KANAWA, Canada's Canoeing and Kayaking Magazine, summer, 1997.

Fire in the Bones Review by Michael Peake
Fire in the Bones