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Bill Mason's received many awards from his works in the arts and educational sector. Mason (1929-1988) award winning educational documentaries are best sellers. Bill was a fine artist too and loved to paint his wilderness surroundings.
Bill Mason (1929 - 1988) Memorials and Awards

The Bill Mason Outdoor Education and Environmental Study Centre (off-site link) was created by the Carleton Board of Education in 1989 to raise awareness for the environment in secondary education.

Image of red canoe on shore in winter

The Waterwalker Film and Video Festival (off-site link) is a annual event to raise awareness for our water environments. It was originally founded by the environmental group Friends of Bill Mason (now defunct) and is now sponsored by the The Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association.

The Bill Mason Scholarship Fund (off-site link) was created to assist college/university students in environmental studies. The fund is managed by the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association.

Bill Mason has been honoured by Pioneer Camps in Canada, especially the Manitoba Pioneer Camp (off-site link). This is where Bill went to camp in the summers as a youth, and loved dearly. The camp was, and continues to this day to be a fantastic rustic camp, situated in the wilderness on an island in Manitoba.

In 1974 Bill Mason was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy for his success in filmmaking.

Manitoba Recreational Canoeing Association and Manitoba Paddlers (off-site link) has hosted a web page honouring Bill Mason since 1995.

Throughout Bill's career he was awarded 67 national and international awards for his films. Some of these awards include; two Academy Award nominations, (Paddle to the Sea, 1964 and Blake, 1967) and five Etrogs.

We apologize if we have excluded any past dedications in Bill's memory. Please send us an email to bring it to our attention.