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Free for the reading is our finely crafted Canadian newsletter about art happenings and canoe events that are national and internationally in scope. It is a fun and interesting read. Bill Mason  original impressionistic painting for sale. They are one of a kind paintings. All Bill Mason's works are influenced by wilderness nature, water and land. If an original is out of your price range consider buying one of our Bill Mason prints that is offered in our on-line gift store. Becky Mason writes about her art shows at the Cube gallery that carries her work. She has a write up about her canoe course and explains why her canoe lessons are a unique experience set against a Canadian wilderness backdrop. She also notes Canadian and USA paddling and canoe symposium you may want to consider attending, these symposiums offer canoe workshops with skilled instructors. If watching paddling skills is more your speed Becky does present canoe demonstrations to music. The paddling demonstrations are so beautiful to watch. You can see a canoe demonstration of Becky Mason showing her art of canoeing in the Classic Solo Canoeing DVD it can be purchased in our online store. Reid McLachlan is a fine artist, an experienced expressionist oil artist with 20 years of painting to his name. His subjects ranges from people and what they are think about their situations. Mostly Reid McLachlan dwells on couples relationships and how they interact with each other, some are happy some are upset and some we don't know what they think. You need to pause and study his paintings because at first glance you see the first message then upon revisiting his canvases you see more and more in his paintings. Paul Mason is hard at work at drawing and paintings his funny cartoons. Becky has the new information about an environment cause she is currently working on. All the Mason family loves the wood canvas canoe. Bill continues to be talked about on many website, Some that have linked are Canoeski and many more which I'll be listing soon. We all like to go canoeing. If you want canoeing instruction Becky has just the canoe lessons for you. If you live too far away to attend her courses you can always pick up some of her and her Dad's paddling instructional dvds or video they are both filmmakers that have won awards.
Spring-Summer 2012 Newsletter
  1. Canoe Notes
  2. - Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing movie aces at Film Festivals -
    - Classic Solo attracts national and international media attention -
    - Calendar of new paddling courses, symposiums and National Canoe Day -
  3. Enviro Notes
  4. -Wolf Lake the worlds largest old growth pines -
    -Federal & Ont. gov't both table jaw-dropping environmental new rules in their budget -
  5. Art Happenings
  6. - Reid and Beck's upcoming art shows at the Cube -
    - Bill's original paintings for sale -
  7. Mason's Fav Pics:
  8. - Three Canadian national museums collect Bill Mason's life -
    - Canoe conversation with Mr. Canoe -
    - Becky, Reid, Paul at their social best -
    Canoe Notes
Classic Solo attracts National and International Media Attention

Check out some of the reviews of the DVD and interviews I've done since its release.


is a splendid Youtube vignette set in Becky's home in Chelsea Qc. Scott asks some very insightful questions and then Becky takes him out canoeing at her favourite place.

Watch video...


page 44-45 is a fireside chat with Becky Mason, The canoeing legend on being a Mason, World travel, art and filmmaking.



In her latest production she explores advanced strokes for steering, carving turns and pivoting—all with the canoe heeled over in the traditional Canadian style.
CHEMUN .. Journal

Becky Mason's latest canoeing DVD is clearly her best. And I do mean clearly as there is also a Blu-ray version. Now, Becky is perfect as always but the production values really shine in this DVD.


watching Mason’s DVD (fyi, it includes the introductory video, Classic Solo Canoeing) reminded me that canoeing is actually pretty, you know, fun. With the help of slo-mo, and really cool underwater shots.

... Ottawa ...


there is Pierre Berton’s old saw: A Canadian is someone who can make love in a canoe. Well, I have not asked Becky Mason what romantic entanglements have occurred in her canoe. But...
Rogers ..TV


Talk hosts chat about the life and times of Becky growing up in a canoe.
Watch video...


From an instructional point of view I have got to say that this is easily one of the best I have seen. The narration shows right from the start that Becky has been teaching this stuff for a very long time. She has a great ability to take very complex maneuver and break it down to 3-4 key points making it easy to remember.
Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing Movie Aces at Waterwalker and Reel Film Festivals.
  • I was honoured and touched to learn the Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing movie won not only Best Educational and Safety Film but also Best Canadian filmmaker award at the Waterwalker Film Festival, a Paddle Canada sponsored festival named in honour of my Dad. It was truly a thrill to also learn that the DVD was awarded Best Instructional Film at the prestigious Reel Paddling Festival that is run by Rapid Media. Wow, I'm blushing!

Calendar of new paddling courses and symposia.
  • Becky's teaching her canoe classes, solo and tandem, all summer long. Check out the course calendar link of dates and details listed on her website. In addition Reid and Becky are teaching lessons at MEC Paddlefest link May 26. They also be teaching lesson's and presenting their slide show at the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association June assembly link. Becky will also teaching a  Paddle Canada Style course in July at MKC link.

Join the National Canoe Day celebration and Classic Solo turns 25!
  • Classic Solo Canoeing turns 25 this year and National Canoe Day is Tuesday June 26th. Join Becky for a Classic Style Canoeing extravaganza at Parking Lot 12 at Meech Lake Quebec to celebrate both. Bring a canoe and do some cool stuff. Becky and her dad, Bill organized a great canoe happening 25 years ago at the very same spot and she thinks it's high time it happened again to celebrate the anniversary of the launching of her canoe course.

    Tuesday June 26th, 6:00pm to 10:00pm bring canoeing gear and canoe, bring potluck finger food (some gluten free would be nice) for when we are floating around in our canoes. There is free parking at P-12, the boat launching site after 6:00pm. We'll do some practicing in some cool formations with solo and tandem. Attach a plastic cone shape to put a flashlight in it when the light levels lower around 8::30pm then we'll canoe dance with them until 9:30pm. Then head home by 10:00pm. Rain or shine and it's a free event. see details.
  • Enviro Notes:
Wolf Lake the worlds largest old growth pines!

Nice to hear good news for a change about a old growth forest but there is one more letter to get the the full protection it needs

Wolf Lake, located along the Chiniguchi waterway in the southwestern region of Temagami, Ontario is home to the largest old-growth red pine forest in the world. Wolf Lake contains the core of 1,600 hectares of red pine with trees over 260 years old. I've travelled by canoe there and it's incredible to see Old Growth stretch as far as your eye can see!

Due to a massive letter writing campaign the Ontario Gov't has decided not to move forward with the proposal to remove the forest reserve status from the heart of the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve. However, they are allowing mining. Writing a letter does work so no matter where you live please consider going to
Earthroots action link and submit a letter asking the Ontario to disallow mining from this unique area.
Federal & Ont. gov't both table jaw-dropping environmental new rules in their budget.

I'm a trustee of the Quetico Foundation and they've informed me that there was a crushing blow dealt to endangered species and parks legislation in Ontario's Budget Bill 55 and Ontario Citizens still need to speak up even though the budget is passed. I ask you to read the
Foundation's link and then please contact your MPP and pass our link along to other Ontarians.

In a nut shell: Ontario citizens need to demand of their government that due process be followed and that proposed environmental related amendments be open to public discussion in accordance with the normal government process.

This is far reaching and on-going issue that Ontario should consider a very serious threat and the Ontario Government needs to know that Ontarians do not want their consultation rights taken away through modifications in a budget.

The federal Canadian Government did the same thing by placing amendments that change laws governing the environment when they tabled the budget. It allowed the axing of key environmental controls. It is rather grim reading but the
Eco-justice link is a favourite organization of mine and has a good handle on what the changes mean for Canada. On June 4 there is a nationwide environmental protest against our federal government undemocratic actions called Black Out Speak Out The link explains the purpose of the action and I will be blacking out my website on that day too in show of support towards our fine environmental organizations
  • Art Happenings
Becky and Reid both have upcoming art shows. Reid is a part of a Cube Gallery Run group show link May 24th. Becky is getting ready for her Cube Gallery Night group show in July.

Bill Mason's original paintings for sale Read on...
  • Mason's Favourite Picks
Three National Museums Honour Bill Mason
  • Our family is thrilled that three Canadian museums have collected my Dad's works. It's quite amazing to see the honour in print at Museum of Science and Technology, See page 18 and Museum of Civilisation See page 26-27 and National Archive of Canada. Look for the Science and Technology on a Bill Mason exhibit to open this spring.

Canoe Conversation With Mr. Canoe

  • This is a wonderful engaging and educational conversation with Mr. Canoe - Ralph Frese Read more...

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