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Free for the reading is our finely crafted Canadian newsletter about art happenings and canoe events that are national and internationally in scope. It is a fun and interesting read. Bill Mason  original impressionistic painting for sale. They are one of a kind paintings. All Bill Mason's works are influenced by wilderness nature, water and land. If an original is out of your price range consider buying one of our Bill Mason prints that is offered in our on-line gift store. Becky Mason writes about her art shows at the Cube gallery that carries her work. She has a write up about her canoe course and explains why her canoe lessons are a unique experience set against a Canadian wilderness backdrop. She also notes Canadian and USA paddling and canoe symposium you may want to consider attending, these symposiums offer canoe workshops with skilled instructors. If watching paddling skills is more your speed Becky does present canoe demonstrations to music. The paddling demonstrations are so beautiful to watch. You can see a canoe demonstration of Becky Mason showing her art of canoeing in the Classic Solo Canoeing DVD or download it can be purchased in our online store. Reid McLachlan is a fine artist, an experienced expressionist oil artist with 20 years of painting to his name. His subjects ranges from people and what they are think about their situations. Mostly Reid McLachlan dwells on couples relationships and how they interact with each other, some are happy some are upset and some we don't know what they think. You need to pause and study his paintings because at first glance you see the first message then upon revisiting his canvases you see more and more in his paintings. Paul Mason is hard at work at drawing and paintings his funny cartoons. Becky has the new information about an environment cause she is currently working on. All the Mason family loves the wood canvas canoe. Bill continues to be talked about on many website, Some that have linked are Canoeski and many more which I'll be listing soon. We all like to go canoeing. If you want canoeing instruction Becky has just the canoe lessons for you. If you live too far away to attend her courses you can always pick up some of her and her Dad's paddling instructional dvds or video they are both filmmakers that have won awards.
Newsletter - Summer- Fall 2015

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    Canoe News

Bill Mason Memorabilia for sale

Our family is honoured to have most of the Bill Mason photographs, papers and equipment safely in the collections of four of Canada's national museums who consider Bill's life's work a national treasure. Of course we have set aside things for the Mason family and for our future generations to cherish, but we are offering the remainder of the memorabilia to those who would appreciate them.
See sale updates ...

Find Paddle to the Sea's sister, Miss Paddles

The story of the launching of Miss Paddles: While I was teaching at the Gaspé symposium de plein air last spring one of my students Michèle Van De Kaa surprised me with a very special carving she made. She gave me and my brother a gift called "Meet me at the Sea". We were instructed by Michèle to launch her carving in our favourite waterway. I did that in October of 2014 on Dumoine River and who knows how far Miss Paddles will travel. (I nick named her Miss Paddles while I dragged her along with me on my travels in the summer deciding where to launch her). Please look out for her this spring on the Dumoine because I pitched her into Initiation Rapids and I watched her beautiful whitewater run and I think she has wonderful WW skills! Wally Schaber was on our canoe trip and he doubted she'd survive Grand Chute. I think she's built to last so see you soon Miss Paddles. I ask all paddlers to look out for Miss Paddles and when you find her please post pictures and a story on Symposium de plein air/Outdoor Symposium facebook page and on my Classic Solo Canoeing Facebook page and if you don't use FB drop me an email from my Contact Us page

My Dad made a film called "Paddle to the Sea" that inspired Michèle to carve her own canoe.  It's for sale in my
The Museum of History has collected my Dad's works including his carved Paddle to the Sea. The Museum of History Bill Mason collection write up is offered in English and French
Calendar of Cool Events
March 21, 2015 : Circling the Midnight Sun.
James Raffan came to Chelsea to talk about his latest book Circling the Midnight Sun on his adventures circumnavigating the Arctic Circle. Ian Tamblyn played songs and told northern stories
. Read about evening
March 21 -22, 2015 : Ottawa Outdoor Adventure Show
Kevin Callan and I did a fun demo together in the pool about switching ends on water.
Demo and images
May 16 -22, 2015 : Gaspé Bay Symposium
Becky Mason taught Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Skills courses on the ocean this spring! Such a fun group of people and gorgeous scenery. Details
May 30, 2015 : MEC Paddlefest
Becky Mason and Reid McLachlan taught Paddle Canada Skills lessons at Mooney's Bay, Ottawa . We enjoy teaching every year at MEC Paddlefest.

June 5 - 7, 2015 : Women on Water Paddling Festival
Becky Mason taught Paddle Canada Lake Canoe skills tandem canoeing at Camp Tapawings, Parry Sound, Ontario again. Last year it sold out fast so you will want to sign up soon if you want to attend in 2016.

August 6 -13 Wabakimi canoe trip Four people won a canoe trip with Ray Mears and I taggied along on the trip too.
Canoe Instruction
Classic solo and tandem canoe courses

All summer : Becky Mason teaches her classic solo and tandem paddling from May to October at Meech Lake, 20 min. north of Ottawa.

Classic Canoeing classes details
Classic Solo video download

Becky Mason has produced two high quality instructional paddling videos. The Classic Solo Basic and Advanced are available to download.

Download details

Art happenings
Reid McLachlan's upcoming art shows

Great news! Recently the City of Ottawa purchased one of Reid's new drawings for their permanent collection that they will be showcasing in an exhibition this fall.

Reid has been working hard on his new series of drawings for his big solo show.
Remnants of Nostalgia

  View drawings


Becky Mason's upcoming art shows

Becky has changed her medium from watercolour to acrylics. They do have a different focus, more abstract and she's been enjoying the painting with thick paint.

Le Resto, 528 Route 105, Chelsea, QC J9B 1L2 has approx 25 of Becky's watercolours and her new acrylics on permanent display and are for sale.

New listings of Bill Mason's original paintings for sale! Read on...

In the Media
Exploratory boreal canoe trip about Ray Mears

Canoeroots featuring my Wabakimi trip with Ray Mears. (You may need to enter an email address to flip forward.)

The Telegraph newspaper in the Uk did a wonderful article about my trip with Ray Mears in Wabakimi.

We belong to it a film made by Goh Iromoto. It's a mesmerizing short film about Ray Mears in the boreal forest.

Won a free canoe trip in the boreal forest!  

Four people won a Wabakimi August 6, 2015 canoe trip with Ray Mears and me

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