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Paul Mason - Happy Clients

Rapid Magazine editor commenting on Bubble Street web comic
Not only did you use exacerbate in a comic strip, you linked what is probably the greatest challenge facing mankind to what is undoubtedly the greatest challenge facing teenage kind. A tour de force.

Client commenting on a sketch for a proposed commemorative cartoon
It exceed's what I expected. You were able to translate what I wrote into more than what I had envisioned. What a brilliant and fantastic way to capture memories. And the fish with the sign! wow, that tops it off beautifully. Thank you so much.

Regarding the traffic that Bubble Street brings to a website
On our popular pages list on the Rapid web site, Bubble Street is in the top 10.

A viewer's comment on my cartoons
I have been meaning to tell you this for some time and now that I have seen comic #12, this confirms it. Your sense of humour is sick!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I love your comics. They are great. I don't know where you come up with your ideas. Scary.

Now that you've read the praise, contact me to have this kind of response to your ad, website or commemorative cartoon.