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Contemporary figurative art and fine art artist, Reid McLachlan paints expressive original oil paintings and they are for sale online in his art gallery. Reid appeared on Star Portraits on Bravo!painting an original oil painting portrait of Roméo Dallaire.
Remnants of Nostalgia
Drawings by Reid McLachlan

Reid McLachlan's exhibition Remnants of Nostalgia held over until Dec 6th! Free Artist's Talk Nov. 29th.

Galerie Montcalm at Gatineau City Hall - Maison du Citoyen, 25 rue Laurier, Gatineau, Quebec is the venue for Reid McLachlan's latest art project Remnants of Nostalgia. The show has been extended until December 6th, 2015 and the artist will be giving a bilingual talk and tour of the show on Sunday November 29th at 2 pm. Reid will discuss the stories and inspiration behind the 30 graphite drawings of old tools and farming implements that belonged to his grandfather. On display with the drawings are some of the tools and a traditional post and beam frame that the artist built and raised in the gallery.

Well known and highly regarded throughout the Outaouais for his large expressive paintings Reid McLachlan put his brushes down 2 1/2 years ago, picked up his pencils and started drawing obsessively.

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It all started with an old tool of his late grandfather's whose function and purpose he couldn't understand. McLachlan was so enamoured and curious about this gadget that he eventually did a detailed drawing of it. By intentionally leaving some parts lightly sketched-in or even blank he tried to capture the curiosity and frustration he felt about the tool and the fact that he could no longer ask his grandfather for answers. This one drawing opened the flood gates and started the artist on an unexpected journey of creation and discovery. He realized that by leaving the drawings incomplete he was also highlighting the fact that much of this traditional knowledge is being lost to us, the tools are obsolete and thus forgotten and that our rural heritage is disappearing.

Remnants of Nostalgia is an intimate, poignant look at our vanishing rural past through the eyes of an artist who recognizes that his romantic ideals would not have easily survived in his grandfather's hardscrabble world.

Join the artist for a free bilingual talk and tour of the show on Sunday November 29th at 2 pm at the gallery. Weekend free parking is available in the lot under the building off of rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville.

Galerie Montcalm Tel: 819 595-7488
Maison du Citoyen, 25 rue Laurier, 1st floor, Gatineau.

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