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Fine Art Giclee Prints

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Print: $150.00 cdn

Giclee Archival Print - Campfire, Pukaskwa River #157
(unframed 16 1/4" x 20" print size)

Bill Mason had a favourite campsite on the Pukaskwa River, near the northshore of Lake Superior, Ontario. He more often than not had his beautiful red wooden canoe with him. Across the river from the campsite Bill loved to climb the eight hundred foot cliff. He said "It's a tough climb, but the view looking straight down on the camp is worth the effort." Mason used this spectacular vista in many of his films including his final wilderness canoeing film WaterwaterPainting Gallery

Print: $150.00 cdn

Giclee Archival Print - Chestnut Prospector #150
(unframed 16 1/4" x 20" print size)

Bill Mason believed that the canoe was one of the greatest design achievements. He said. "There is nothing that is so aesthetically pleasing and yet so functional and versatile as the canoe. It is as much a part of our land as the rocks and trees and lakes and rivers." His canoes were well-worn travelling companions. He once said of one of his canoe that there was hardly a rib or plank that wasn't cracked but it still carried him with grace into the Canadian wilderness. Painting Gallery

Print: $150.00 cdn

Giclee Archival Print - Cascade Falls, Lake Superior #144
(unframed 16 1/2" x 20" print size) 

There was hardly a summer that went by that Bill Mason didn't paddle the northshore of Lake Superior. One of the most beautiful sights he said that he looked forward to was paddling to Cascade Falls. Its' twin plumes falls directly into the icy crystal clear waters of Lake Superior, Ontario. In Path of the Path film there is a sequence of Mason standing enjoying one of a kind water pounding shower on a brilliant summers day. Painting Gallery

Print: $150.00 cdn

Giclee Archival Print - Fire at the Confluence of the Little Nahanni and South Nahanni Rivers #158 (unframed 16" x 20" print size) 

" The rapids of the narrow, fast-flowing Little Nahanni are huge. It's getting late and we've been canoeing all day in the air thick with smoke. We can see just enough to pick our way down the rapids Occasionally a tree bursts into flames . At last we emerge from the smoke and continue down the river until we reach the gravel bar where the Little Nahanni joins the South Nahanni. We pitch camp and roll the canoes over for the night. I look back up the river as the smoke clears for a moment revealing a blood red sun."  Painting Gallery

Print: $100.00 cdn

Giclee Archival Print - Pine Island Storm #113
(unframed 8" x 20" paper size) 

"This island has a deep and special meaning to me. One of our favourite campsites when we venutured out from Pioneer Camp in the Lake of the Woods was situated near this island. In later years I guided numerous groups of children on canoe trips to this site. And we experienced many such wind and rain storms lashing this island as we peered out from the comfort of our tents." Painting Gallery

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